Monuments witness to the long-standing history of this land. These remarkable creations reflect the vigor and growth of past times. Equally, the island’s churches, clean and fresh-plastered, reveal how much people needed to communicate with God.


The most important archaeological sites of the region are the following:


Acropolis: Located on top of Saint George’s hill, right above the Fourni settlement, with amazing view to the Chora of Fourni.

Sarcophagus: Found in a field at the Chora of Fourni. Today it is displayed at the village’s square.

Latomio (quarry): One of the most significant sites along with semi-finished works at Petrokopi bay.

Pirgos (tower): Located on Agia Triada’s hill, at Chrisomilia. This building is made from white marble and is definitely worth visiting.

Kamari: At the courtyard of Taksiarches’ church, one can find stripped, granite columns and rectangular marble plates. At the coast you will find the remains of the ancient settlement.


The island has the following churches:


Holy Temple of Evagelistria: Located at Koumara region. The oldest church currently saved on the island. It was built in the late 18th century by Priestmonk Nifon.

Agios Nikolas: Built on the 18th century. A church with a single nave with a cupola, an impressive wooden iconostasis.

Holy Temple of the Cross: Built at Thymena, Chora’s center, with wood-carved iconostasis.

Don’t miss visiting the twin temples of Saints Anargiri and Saint ParaskeviSaint MarinaHoly Triad at Chrisomilia, as well as the numerous chapels scattered across the island (Saint John, Virgin Mary, Saint Theologos).