Ancient parts of the acropolis were found on Saint George’s hill, right above the Fourni settlement, unique evidence of the island’s tradition. The biggest parts of the acropolis that are saved until today are 2 m. wide. The view is captivating, with the ruins of the past, such as those that are carved on the remains, making this site unique.


Found in a field at the Chora of Fourni. Today it is displayed at the village’s square. It has perfect parallelepiped shape with embossed decorations and epigraph.

Latomio (quarry)

Important site at Petrokopi bay, very close to Fourni. It includes semi-finished, archaeological parts scattered across the wider bay area, such as columns’ shafts, a capital of the ionic order as well as rectangular parallelepipeds in perfect shapes.


At the courtyard of Taksiarches’ church, one can find stripped, granite columns and rectangular marble plates. At the coast you will find the remains of the ancient settlement.

Pirgos (tower)

Located on Agia Triada’s hill, at Chrisomilia. This building is made from white marble and is definitely worth visiting.

Holy Temple of Evagelistria

Located at Koumara region. The oldest church currently saved on the island. It was built in the late 18th century by Priestmonk Nifon.

Agios Nikolas

Built on the 18th century. A church with a single nave with a cupola, an impressive wooden iconostasis.

Holy Temple of the Cross

Built at Thymena, Chora’s center, with wood-carved iconostasis.