The island’s traditions are painted with intense colours (as is the case in almost every greek island) and are associated with the everyday aspects of the peoples’ lives. Joy and vitality take the form of festivals and events and follow both the locals and the visitors.


A festival is held every year on the occasion of Saint Marina’s day (July 17th) at the island’s square with live music and traditional recipes.

«Fish Festival». It takes place at the end of July, at the island’s port, with plenty of fish and live, traditional, greek music.

«Honey and Traditional Products Festival». It takes place at the end of July, at the square and visitors can taste the local, traditional, delicious honey production of the island.

During the Virgin Mary festival (August 15th) everyone gathers in the homonymous church and tastes various appetizers and wine. The night continues with local dances and live music and songs.

Festival of Saint John Thermastis (the one who heals from fever) or Beheaded. The vespers service is celebrated and is then followed by festivities with plenty of food and songs. This festival takes place on August 29th.